"Nathian Weber and his truly professional company, Bumblebee Stucco Inc. really impressed me with their prompt and talented skills in completing this aspect of our first-ever complete exterior home renovation! I highly recommend one to take time to discuss exactly what you desire, as Nathian is very approachable and highly knowledgeable with new techniques, products and materials in this field." - Byron Trask  Invermere, BC (Spring 2011)

"We were very pleased with the quality of work done by Bumblebee Stucco to our new home.  Our job was a rather small area and it didn't seem to matter, they came promptly and took care of the job for us in a timely and professional manner." - Randy & Lois Bacon  Kindersley, SK (Summer 2011)

"My husband and I enjoyed a pleasant experience with Bumblebee Stucco. We found the crew – Nathian, Mira and the other two fellows to be very personable and professional. In the course of a few days they transformed our older, dated home to an older, updated home. Being as how it was already old cement stucco under the siding they had quite a time with getting the styrofoam base to even out, a lot of time was spent sanding out the bumps to a level surface. But that was important to them – a finished product that spoke of their quality and our satisfaction! When we asked them to make a couple of changes it was met with “not a problem” and they promptly got to it. The overall finished product has met with my husband’s rigid high level of quality and my image of esthetics." - Bernie and Michelle Vold  Kindersley, SK (Summer 2011)

"The employees of Bumblebee Stucco took the needs of our 20 year old house,in Powell River, BC, into consideration and made suggestions as to what would work best. They are conscientious and hard working and have done a great job parging [ applying stucco to]  the foundation of our house. Now all the tar and painted concrete is nicely covered enhancing our house." - Rudi & Maaike van Zwaaij  Powell River, BC  (Fall 2011)